International Security-Detective & Bodyguard School


P-Guards offers not only 8 weeks of theory but places great emphasis on a practical introduction to the work. This is the only way you can learn how to respond to particular situations and act accordingly. You will learn the art of observing, covert photography and filming as well as how to use radio equipment. You also learn how to obtain valuable information and conduct research successfully. Participants are inducted into the planning and operational implementation of complex supervisory and investigatory jobs. Discreet and responsible behaviour becomes a natural trait.


Future courses: September, November, February and Mai

Participants are taught all relevant subjects essential to security services. After concluding the training, they are capable of handling and implementing complex security tasks independently. The practical implementation of security and protection tasks constitutes the central part of the instruction. An exam is taken at the end of the course. After successfully completing the exam, graduate trainees receive a course confirmation (certificate). We would be delighted to welcome you on this course. The courses take place every 3 months.


Future courses: September, November, February and Mai



Training Packages

  • Infrastructure Protection Specialists
  • Event Security Specialist
  • Patrol/Intervention Specialist.

We DO NOT provide driving, firearms or CQC training for non-sovernment personnel or individuals.

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