Personal Protection


It is often the case that people in danger have no other option than to rely on the support of qualified, professional security personnel to guarantee their personal safety. Our specially trained P-Guards security forces offer outstanding private personal protection, along with protection for people in the world of politics and economics, or in the media and entertainment sectors.

Common P-Guards operation areas:

  • Everyday personal protection: we can provide an escort to work, protection at work, on personal and business trips, and when going out
  • Personal protection for specific occasions: personal security checks, access control, securing of rooms, transport security, VIP service
  • Personal protection for the family: we can provide an escort to sporting events, for leisure time activities, on trips, and an escort to school

P-Guards will work closely with you to produce a personal protection plan tailored specifically to your situation.


They are the most delicate and most valuable link in the chain: our children. In a world of conflicts and violence, a world of threats and pressures, it is vital to protect their lives and their innocence.

P-Guards accompany the kids with educational trained staff, male and female.
Children should not be aware of the reasons they are being protected. Children should trust their companions as they trust their parents.


P-Guards escorts VIPs like business partners, guests from the political and economic sectors, science, culture and sport, as well as private visitors.

The P-Guards VIP Services includes:

  • Driving service (collection from the airport, train station, at home and abroad) including luggage service. Our VIP service will take to your chosen destination peacefully and in comfort
  • Guards for children (airport, train station, on the journey to school)
  • Transport and taxi services

Our friendly, reliable and highly professional P-Guards personnel are available at all times for deployment in all sectors.



P-Guards escorts VIPs as well as clients with high expectations on their yachts, helicopters and private jets, on which they can enjoy their travels or holidays comfortably and safely. The permanent presence of P-Guards guarantees professional security as well as support for feasible plans and travels.

P-Guards offers a worldwide presence on yachts, helicopters and private jets.



The executive tasks of P-Guards include:

  • Worldwide surveillance of yachts, helicopters and private jets
  • Security planning on travels or holidays
  • Security on board
  • Worldwide executive security packages
  • 24-hour service and presence
  • Crew safety


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